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What is Electrostatic Disinfection? Is it Effective?

Published by Allegra on September 10, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Electrostatic Disinfection EffectivenessSARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, spreads through respiratory droplets, direct contact with the infected, and contaminated surfaces/objects, the latter being the most common mode of transmission. Electrostatic disinfection is highly suggested because although though the virus can remain on surfaces for a long time, it is quickly inactivated by disinfectants.

Electrostatic Disinfection

Electrostatic disinfection is a method that uses a professional sprayer to achieve thorough disinfection of all things and surfaces in contact with the water. Disinfectant solutions inside the electrostatic sprayer are mixed with air before being charged with electricity via an electrode inside the sprayer nozzle.

It is then sprayed over surfaces after it has been set. The disinfectant’s positive charge attracts negatively charged surfaces. Disinfectant is then applied in an even layer, helping to eliminate any germs present on the surface.

As the spray’s positively charged particles repel each other, it can completely cover its intended target area. As a result of the electric charges pulling them together, they also adhere to the surface to which they’re applied.

Other sectors have been using this technology for decades. By using electrostatic spray technology, automobiles can be painted evenly, even in hard-to-reach spots. As a result, the electrostatic sprayer technology has been applied to disinfection, providing a second alternative for evenly and thoroughly disinfecting surfaces.

Process of Electrostatic Disinfection

As a stand-alone device, the electrostatic sprayer does not disinfect by itself, which is why you require to clean the surface beforehand. The spray will be able to reach locations it couldn’t go on its own. As a result of the positive charge, the spray adheres firmly to any surface it is sprayed on, ensuring a complete coating.

When administered by a professional, electrostatic sprayers are significantly more effective than spray bottles or cloths. And their coverage is less prone to human mistakes than other methods. You can disinfect places that no different approach can reach because the spray wraps around surfaces.

Because of the nature of the mist, cleaning workers can spray even if the moisture is sprayed from only one side to reach oddly shaped objects or hard-to-reach spots. Following application, the sanitizing agent begins to operate on the area sprayed to disinfect it. Due to its effectiveness in eliminating germs and contaminants, the electrostatic spray is an excellent solution for germ-infested locations

Effectiveness of Electrostatic Disinfection

Using an adequate disinfectant with electrostatic sprayer cleaning is quite effective. Nothing else can coat surfaces as evenly or entirely as this procedure. Destruction is reduced due to the ionically charged disinfectant adhering to the target. Many disinfectants go to waste when using a conventional spray container—splash from the target lands in unhelpful locations. Electric cleaning eliminates the need to pay for spraying air.

With electrostatic disinfection, you can disinfect even the most difficult-to-reach places. An infected terminal keyboard in a high-traffic location can be disinfected entirely with it. It can detect bacteria hiding in the curves of a wheelchair or a walker. As a result, it is possible to spray a greater surface area because electrostatic spray has the ability to cover the entire region. Not only does it cover more ground, but it does so in less time, saving both time and money.

Of course, disinfection by itself isn’t as effective. The most excellent strategy to prevent the spread of disease in the house or a workplace is to clean and disinfect simultaneously. Unclean surfaces can’t be disinfected by themselves.

Disinfecting an area without cleaning it before the spray will only kill the bacteria on the surface of the dirt or filth, allowing bacteria and viruses underneath to live. Proper cleaning and disinfection processes can help you get the most out of your cleaning and disinfection efforts, and engaging skilled personnel can help guarantee that those standards are followed.

Electrostatic Disinfection Effectiveness against COVID-19

As vital as it is, protecting your company from SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19 is a severe undertaking. Preventive maintenance is one of the most critical aspects of the work we’re doing. It is essential to take preventative measures, such as wearing masks and instructing your personnel on proper handwashing methods.

The use of powerful disinfectants in the sprayer is also necessary to properly clean and disinfect the area from severely harmful bacteria and viruses. According to experts, Electrostatic disinfection can play a crucial role in the fight against COVID-19. If you have a high-traffic area that must be cleaned fast, the electrostatic spray is the way to go. Cleaners can disinfect without touching the surfaces they’re disinfecting because the spray applies uniformly and dries by itself. A small to no risk exists that your cleaning personnel will unintentionally spread germs.

The use of an electrostatic sprayer can be an effective disinfection tool, whether you’re battling bacteria on keyboards, meeting rooms, elevators, or sterilizing hospital rooms.

There are several ways that electrostatic spray technology makes the cleaning process more manageable. Some of these are purely practical, while others might make your cleaning process safer and more thorough. The following are a few of these benefits:

  • Large areas may be disinfected in less time and with less effort.
  • It disinfects locations that are difficult (or impossible) to disinfect with other procedures.
  • Control and prevention of viruses such as influenza, HIV, MRSA, and COVID-19 can be achieved by the use of this product (when an appropriate disinfectant is used)
  • The control over where the spray goes ensures reduced waste
  • The cleaning crew can disinfect surfaces without ever touching them because the even layer of spray disinfects without needing to be wiped off.

Disinfection comes with a whole wide range of benefits:

  • Reduced liability risk if someone gets sick at your workplace.
  • The risk of workplace illness-causing service delays is reduced as a result of this.
  • More trust from customers who know you care enough to invest in them.
  • Employees who realize that you are looking out for them will have more faith in you.

When you hire professionals to clean and disinfect your business, you get the best tools, best procedures, and best skills. No matter where you are located, 911 Restoration of Downriver has the sanitization tools and the experience and knowledge to keep your home and workplace safe and secure.

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