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Fire Damage Restoration in Downriver

911 Restoration Fire Cleanup DownriverUnfortunately, no residential or commercial property is safe from the risk of experiencing a fire. While there are precautions property owners can take, accidents can happen. However, when a fire occurs at your residential or commercial property in Downriver, 911 Restoration is ready to provide total fire restoration services.

Once a fire has been put out, the amount of damage left to deal with can be overwhelming. On top of needing fire restoration services, water damage and structural damage is usually present. Due to the impact and stress a fire has on property owners, the team of fire restoration contractors at 911 Restoration of Downriver is available 24/7, 365 days per year. When disaster strikes your residential or commercial property, we are available to provide emergency disaster restoration services and get you on the path to pre-damage condition.

The fire restoration team in Downriver has received extensive training when dealing with fire damage. They understand that there can be more damage than what meets the eye and know where to look in order to prevent the need for future restoration services. Within 45 minutes of the phone call, the fire restoration experts will arrive at the property. They will begin by assessing the property’s damage in order to determine what fire restoration services need to be given in order to get it completely restored. Once the damage has been assessed, the team will begin working efficiently and diligently to provide fire restoration services.

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Our goal at 911 Restoration of Downriver is to provide the highest level of restoration services in the industry, while also providing customers with peace of mind. We understand the stress and devastation many homeowners feel after a fire occurs. For this reason, we will take every precaution necessary in order to provide complete restoration and have your property better than new. Call the team of highly trained fire restoration experts at 911 Restoration today to get on the path to a fresh start.

Smoke and Odor Removal Following a Fire

After a fire has been put out, there can be a multitude of damage that many property owners never consider. Common damage followed by a fire include smoke and odor damage. At times, the damage may not be noticeable until several hours or days following the fire. At 911 Restoration of Downriver, the highly trained fire restoration experts know the signs of smoke and odor damage. They also have the necessary tools and equipment to provide smoke removal and odor removal from the property.

911 Restoration Mold Removal TeamFollowing a fire, many property owners notice smoke damage on their walls and ceiling which resembles stains and discoloration. This discoloration can worsen as days pass on. In addition, smoke tends to damage many appliances, countertops and tile. Without receiving proper fire restoration services and smoke removal, the acidic residue in soot can cause permanent damage to many belongings and to the property’s interior.

In order to provide fire restoration services that Downriver residents can rely on, the team at 911 Restoration has the knowledge and experience necessary to handle fire damage of any magnitude. When you call our team you will receive fire restoration services such as:

    • Smoke damage removal
    • Fire damage cleanup
    • Emergency restoration services
    • Smoke restoration
    • Water damage restoration
    • Water extraction
    • Flood damage repair
    • Soot removal
    • Odor removal
    • And more

Receiving proper fire restoration services is essential following a fire due to the potential damage that could occur in the days to come. Call 911 Restoration of Downriver to restore your peace of mind and get your property the fire restoration services it needs. Call us at (734) 239-7803 and learn how we can help.

Water Damage Restoration Following a Fire

911 Restoration Fire Damage Downriver Due to the amount of water used to put out a fire, many properties experiencing flooding and water damage. Once the fire has been subdued and the firefighters have left the property, call the team at 911 Restoration of Downriver to begin water damage services. Similar to smoke damage, the longer water sits the worse it gets. For this reason, it is important to have a team of highly trained water damage experts come and inspect the property.

In some instances, it can seem like there is more water damage than fire damage on a property. Water damage can occur due to firefighting efforts, burst pipes or leaking faucets. It can also be due to a property having a fire sprinkler system installed. Despite what caused the water damage, the fire restoration experts at 911 Restoration know the signs and how to resolve them. Common water damage restoration Michigan services following a fire include:

    • Water extraction
    • Water removal
    • Flood damage repair
    • Water remediation
    • Carpet drying
    • And more

When a fire occurs at your residential or commercial property it can seem overwhelming. Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can cause a lot of stress for property owners. The team at 911 Restoration of Downriver understands this and is ready to provide fire damage restoration and water damage services in Downriver when disaster strikes. Call our team of highly trained technicians today for total property restoration and peace of mind.

Call us at (734) 239-7803 and see how we can help you.

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